Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science University of Latvia, 29 Rainis blvd., Riga, LV-1459, Latvia


mola (at)

MOLA project members

Audris Kalnins, Professor, Dr. habil. sc. comp., Audris.Kalnins (at)

Janis Barzdins, Professor, Dr. habil. sc. comp., Janis.Barzdins (at)

Karlis Podnieks, Professor, Dr. math., Karlis.Podnieks (at)

Edgars Celms, Dr. sc. comp., Edgars.Celms (at)

Agris Sostaks, Dr. sc. comp., Agris.Sostaks (at)

Elina Kalnina, MSc, (PhD student), Elina.Kalnina (at)

Martins Opmanis, MSc, (PhD student), Martins.Opmanis (at)

Andris Zarins, MSc, Andris.Zarins (at)

Janis Iraids, BSc, Janis.Iraids (at)

Oskars Vilitis, Dr. sc. comp., (former researcher)

Valdis Vitolins, Dr. sc. comp., (former researcher)